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Camel Step Coffee Roasters, Shop 

Khobar, Saudi Arabia                Sep.2019


Through these elements, the Al Khobar project demonstrates a commitment to providing a unique and distinguished experience that combines beauty and functionality while enhancing the local cultural identity and using sustainable materials. The project is carefully designed to reflect the natural environment and rich culture of Al Khobar and the Eastern Province, making it an ideal place for visitors to enjoy a comfortable and inspiring experience.

Gargoor or Hadra

The traditional fishing tool depicted in the image is likely a type of fish trap or basket used in the Arabian Gulf, known locally as “Gargoor” or “Hadra”. These traps are made from natural materials such as palm fronds and are woven into a dome-like structure. This technique has been a part of the coastal fishing heritage in the region for centuries, especially in the UAE, where festivals like Al Maleh and Fishing Festival celebrate these traditional practices.

In this photo, I am shown wrapping the fixture with burlap and liquid gypsum. These materials are used to shape the fixture to resemble traditional fishing tools. Once wrapped and dried, the fixture takes on a round shape, allowing for a light to be hung inside it. This approach blends traditional crafts with contemporary design, adding a touch of heritage and aesthetics to the final project.


Using the traditional method of covering the structure with burlap and liquid gypsum creates a unique and visually appealing light fixture. This method not only preserves the cultural significance of traditional fishing tools but also gives them a modern twist, making them suitable for contemporary interior designs. The process involves carefully shaping the burlap around a mold, applying the liquid gypsum, and allowing it to dry. Once hardened, the structure is durable and can support the weight of the light fixture, creating a beautiful and functional piece of decor.

The overall atmosphere of the place is inspired by the local fishing traditions of the region, adding an authentic heritage feel blended with modern design. The use of traditional crafts in making the lighting fixtures gives the space a warm and unique aesthetic. The hanging lights wrapped in burlap and liquid gypsum embody the beauty of handmade crafts, creating a comfortable and inviting ambiance for visitors. Focusing on natural materials and traditional designs reflects respect for the local heritage, making the place not just a café or shop, but a complete cultural experience.



Location: Khobar, Saudi Arabia

Area: 350 

Year: 2019

Photography by: Mansor Alsofi

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