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Camel Step Exhibition Pavilion at the Diriyah Biennale 2024

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia                Feb.2024

At the Diriyah Biennale, Camel Step Roastery unveiled a uniquely designed pavilion that beautifully merges traditional and contemporary elements. The design extensively employs high-quality woods and fabrics, drawing inspiration from traditional Najdi houses, thereby creating an ambiance that is both warm and inviting. The pavilion's structure is crafted entirely from wood, imparting a natural warmth and organic feel to the space. Natural cotton fabrics were used to drape the walls, providing comfortable shading while allowing natural light to permeate, creating a serene atmosphere. 


Inside, the pavilion features traditional Najdi fabrics with red hues and intricate patterns, prominently enhancing the interior design. Low seating arrangements and traditional wooden chairs were incorporated to enhance the authentic feel and add a touch of cultural heritage. The pavilion is equipped with cozy seating areas and well-appointed coffee serving facilities, ensuring a comfortable experience for visitors. Attention to detail is evident in the handmade signs and harmoniously integrated furniture, reflecting a meticulous design approach. 


The lighting design in the pavilion plays a crucial role in enhancing the natural aesthetic. Simple, elegant lamps are strategically placed to create a calming and comfortable ambiance, perfectly complementing the overall atmosphere of the pavilion. 


The Camel Step Roastery pavilion reflects a deep connection to Saudi Arabia's rich heritage while offering a modern, immersive experience for visitors. It exemplifies the harmonious blend of traditional and contemporary, celebrating the old while embracing the new in a seamless and aesthetically pleasing manner. 


This design not only serves as a functional coffee-serving space but also as a cultural installation that invites visitors to experience the beauty and depth of Saudi traditions through a modern lens.

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