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B. 1991 

Faris Alosaimi is a painter and Interior Designer, from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. While he studied Tourism and Antiquities at King Saud University, he is largely a self-taught artist. 

Along with having an abiding interest in architecture and urban spaces, Alosaimi is a keen observer of human interactions around objects in space. His gestural abstractions of the human figure, produced on a large scale with often blurred or semi-obscure facial features, seek to capture fleeting emotions that mark the human condition. As the artist describes it, “it scares me that I might uncover myself completely in an artwork, which is why there’s always an intentionally missing or hidden aspect in my work.”

                                   by Lakum Artspace



I'm the Head of design team at Camel Step .Co camelstep.com 


Past exhibitions include aspire lift Gallery 2020 Residents - Art Dubai 2018, Young Saudi Artists Exhibition, Sixty Percent Group Show, Space 01, Athr Gallery, 2015; Art Riyadh, Naila Gallery, 2015; Lomar Creative Club, Artist Talk, 2015; Alarabia Arts, Art in the Streets, 2014; and Behance Riyadh 6th Edition, 2014.